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Curriculum Vitae


ABOUT:                                 I am an architect, designer, maker, and draftsman who navigates the territory between the workshop- the place of production -and the studio, home to the digital realm. I have been practicing as an architect in Saint Petersburg and now work as Project Tutor on the Design+Make course at the                           ARCHITECTURAL ASSOCIATION.


BACK IN THE DAY,                  I worked on the conceptual development of luxury villas, airports, and masterplans scattered across various European countries. In parallel to this collaboratory role, I evolved a private practice through designing and constructing rural structures, creating and supervising classical art, participating in publicity, and creating connections                                                   ACROSS CULTURES.

MY CURRENT INTERESTS             are in translating sustainable economic value into spatial and material development through a custom combination of                                        PRACTICE AND RESEARCH.


TUTOR                 Architectural Association;

design, research,  robotics,  administration;

Design & Make                            [2021-NOW]


ARCHITECT                       at ShvedovStudio;

spatial design, client presentation, drawing

St.Petersburg; 2 years                       [AWARD]


PRACTICE                  architectural design;  project series and experimentation leading to a built realization                    [since 2014]


MARCH             Architectural Assosciation School of Architecture; Design and Make; UK; 2020-2021                     [DISTINCTION]


SPECIALIST          Degree in Architecture;  Imperial Academy of Arts in St.Petersburg; 2010-2016                                       [HONORS]


LICEUM                       for Classical Fine Art; 

St.Petersburg; 2004- 2010              [MEDAL]



Bartlett School of Architecture (6 months)

Kings London Language School 

Art Gallery startup, art creation, and dealing

Exhibitions in theaters and museums

Cornell University summer school

Worked as a film decorator

Led a student organization



KUKA Robotic Hand Programming 1,2

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